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Who We Are

An non-profit dedicated to the sustainable transformation of Maasai communities through education.


Our primary goal is to create community incentives which finance the education of those communities. Education is the only way of ensuring that the Maasai are not exploited of their lands and culture as Kenya grows and investors land grab their fertile lands.

Through education we hope to empower the Maasai in ways which allow them to sustain their culture and make a good living from a changing economy.


We want to promote Maasai culture so that it remains at the heart of East African culture. By promoting the culture we also hope to educate people from all over the world on the challenges Maasai face.

Cultural challenges also exist within the Maasai culture like ‘traditional’ male and female circumcisions, education being frowned upon in some villages and basic hygiene maintenance – and we can make great improvements with simple discussions around communities.


We do not want to operate on a charity model because that relies on money being donated. We want to operate on a business model which offers long term – self sustaining solutions for remote Maasai communities. We create services that people want to buy and services that offer people value in return for money.

Capital projects (building of schools) will be financed by donations and operating costs covered by local businesses we create and educate Maasai how to operate.

Latest Causes

There are a host of opportunities for you to help us. We keep our business transparent so you can determine where the organisation heads.

Education Centers

Maasai Education Centers allow nomadic cattle herders to receive an education whilst travelling with their herds.

Maasai Education App

An application capable of following the Kenyan curriculum would enable students to visualise theories taught in class. Ensuring that they can learn at their own pace and at any location.

Walkabout Project

The Walkabout Experience was modelled on a tourism model. Where donors received an experience in return for a sum. Donating to this cause gives us the capital necessary to start other tours at other locations.